Motorcycle Rules

M1 - All bikes must pass scrutineering before being allowed to participate in the KOTH event.

M2 - Scrutineer decisions are final and binding. Participant bikes must meet the rules and be in good working order.

M3 - Each motorcycle must be fitted with a tethered kill switch. It must function to stop the ignition system from working when the rider has parted company with the motorcycle. It may earth the system as for example a magneto or cut the flow of electricity to an electronic ignition. The tether end must be securely attached around the rider's wrist when on the event course. This is a compulsory item and it will be tested when motorcycles are checked in scrutineering. Tether lines must be no more than 36 inches or 92cm at full stretch.

M4 - Motorcycles must have one functioning brake as a minimum (to allow original, earlier period correct bikes and Bob-jobs to enter).

M5 - Throttles must be the snap back type

M6 - Handlebar levers i.e. clutch and brake, must have a ball end. As an alternative, a half inch diameter ball of epoxy or a half inch diameter ball of tape is allowed.

M7 - Fuel tanks must have functioning petcocks that stop fuel from flowing.

M8 - A rear fender must be fitted and it's end must be no less than the middle of the tyre in line with a centreline extending from the centre of the rear axle (i.e. no less than vertically above the centre of the rear axle).

M9 - No front fender is required and it is recommended that they be removed, but it is not compulsory to do so.

M10 - No headlights are permitted on motorcycles - they must be removed, it is recommended that tail lights also be removed. This rule extends to other breakable components such as mirrors, running lights, fog lights etc.

M11 - Exhaust systems must not extend beyond the furthest point of the rear rim (note: rim, not tyre).

M12 - Rear tyres and traction aids: It is recommended that dirt "knobby" tires be used as a minimum. Paddle tyres are permitted. Wheel chains are permitted. Wheel chains must be fitted tightly around the tyre and be well engineered with safety in mind. Knobby tyres which have been modified to create a de-facto paddle tyre are permitted. Tyres are not permitted to have bolts, studs, spikes, and/or screws in the tread.

M13 - Race number plates will be required. At minimum, one number plate fitted to the front forks in the area where the headlight would normally be placed. It is recommended that one also be placed on the side of the bike (left or right). Plate size should be designed to accommodate at least two numbers as described below. Plates can be metal or plastic but must have no sharp edges or corners. Shapes can be rectangular, square, oval, or round.

M14 - Numbers are to be 125 mm high and lines 25 mm wide, in a contrasting colour to the background. Font should be a block style that is easy to read. If you have an existing race number from a sanctioning body please let us know when you enter/register your bike, and the KOTH team will endeavour to ensure you can use this number at the KOTH event/s (subject to the number not already being registered to another rider / motorcycle).

M15 - Any motor vehicle fuel is permitted. Alcohol and Nitro will immediately class a motorcycle into the unlimited class. Fuel must be stored in the correct containers as required under Australian law.

M16 - Both mechanical and chemical supercharging is permitted. These will immediately class a motorcycle into the unlimited class.

NEW RULE M17 - All handle bars must have endcaps.