General Rules

G1 - All riders and any other persons participating in KOTH (including crew, officials, marshals, media and any other persons having access to event areas) must complete and sign the KOTH indemnity form.

G2 - The consumption of alcohol during official event proceedings by riders, crew, officials, marshals, and media crew is expressly prohibited.

G3 - Riders and crew are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful way to the organisers, marshals, scrutineers, other participants and members of the public. They are also to treat the environment respectfully by making sure oil and fuel are not dumped on the ground.

G4 - The hill climb course will be marked with a start line and a finish line. Boundary lines (left and right) will be marked at least 20 feet / 6 metres wide. If the motorcycle crosses over the boundary line completely (not in part), the point that the motorcycle crosses is considered where that run has stopped and the point at which distance is recorded. Any motorcycle not crossing the finish line will have the distance travelled from the start line to the front axle recorded from where the rider was either still in control of the motorcycle; or where it stops with rider in control. 'Control' means at least one hand on the handle bars. If the rider crosses the finish line he/she must have one hand on the handlebars, otherwise the point at which the rider's hand left the bars is considered the distance travelled as relating to the front axle and the distance from the start line.

G5 - Timing of the runs will be determined by means of two hand-operated stop watches. The times will be recorded and averaged to give the rider their time for that run.

G6 - Only one crew member can assist the rider at the start line.

G7 - When a rider is called to stage his motorcycle at the start line a 2-minute window is allowed.

G8 - Should a motorcycle fail to fire at the start, the rider and crew member can move the motorcycle from the start line and affect any necessary repairs without penalty. Another rider/s will be called up to run until the motorcycle is repaired or retired.

G9 - Classes will consist of Stock, Modified Stock and Unlimited. Dates are Pre '36, Pre '48, '48 onwards and Unlimited. Besides running in their class, a motorcycle can run in more than one class but it must be the next class up. For example; a motorcycle may run in stock and modified stock but must remain in its age category.

G10 - Classes are as follows Stock pre '36, Modified Stock pre '36, Unlimited pre '36, Stock pre '48, Modified Stock pre '48, Unlimited pre '48, Stock '48 onwards, Modified Stock '48 onwards, and Unlimited '48 onwards.

G11 - Class definitions: a Stock motorcycle is one that is mostly stock and may have non-standard exhaust, no front fender and hinged part of rear fender removed. Modern carbs and ignitions are permissible. Bore size must remain within 80 thou' oversize to remain in the stock class. Modified Stock is one that would fit the description of a period correct Bob Job (bobbed) motorcycle. i.e. bobbed or swapped out rear fender, narrowed tanks, may have changed forks, modified exhaust. Engines must remain within 80 thou' oversize bore size to remain in the Modified Stock class. Hi comp pistons, hot cams, porting and relieving are all permissible. Unlimited is for those who have seriously modified engines / frame / fuel or any combination of those 3. This includes cutdown early motorcycles, "Race" style BobJobs, purpose-built hill climb motorcycles. Engine modifications that include larger than 80 thou' oversize bore sizes, strokers, dual carbs, mechanical injection, dual plug heads etc.

G12 - The rider who achieves the quickest time or furthest distance for their class will be the class winner.

G13 - The two quickest (or furthest distance travelled) riders in each class will compete in a single run event to determine the 'King of the Hill' for the entire event. Each of the 18 riders will get a single run to achieve the quickest (or furthest travelled) pass. The winner of this will be declared the 'King of the Hill'.

G14 - Marshal decisions are final and binding.

NEW RULE G15 - No rolling starts. Bikes must be stationary at the point the starter's flag is waved.