Insurance arrangements and requirements

The event

Kill of the Hill 2023 is presented by KOTH Australia Pty Ltd.

Event insurance

Motorcycling Australia (MA) arranges a comprehensive portfolio of insurances to protect and benefit its members and affiliates. Participating in events sanctioned by MA, or by its State/Territory bodies (SCBs) automatically entitles participants to the benefits of MA’s National Insurance Programme. The National Insurance Programme covers MA, the SCBs, their affiliated clubs and employees, also current MA licence holders, volunteer officials, accredited coaches and accredited media participating in an MA sanctioned event. The National Insurance Programme includes Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. Public Liability (PL) Insurance provides protection against liability to pay compensation for personal injury, property damage or advertising injury occurring in connection with an MA-sanctioned event. Personal Accident (PA) Insurance provides benefits to current MA licence holders, volunteer officials, accredited coaches and accredited media who is injured while participating in MA sanctioned event, or to the next-of-kin of someone who is killed while participating in such events.

Rider insurance

Motorcycling Australia’s National Recreation Policy states that “All participants in an Event must hold a current and valid MA licence appropriate to the activity taking place. The MA licence entitles the holder to the benefits and protections of MA’s Personal Accident insurance.” Further, Motorcycling Australia’s ‘Licence Conditions and Endorsements’ by-law states that “Unless otherwise agreed in writing by MA, a person may only participate in a non-competition Event if they are the holder of a Competition or Non-Competition Licence as set out in the Licence Types and Activity Eligibility table in clause 17”.