(really) Frequently asked questions

What date is the event?

The hill climb event is a one day event on 19 October 2019. If you are a rider (including crew), volunteer or sponsor we can provide space to camp on site. Campers can arrive at the venue on 18 October 2019 after 4pm (but we can cater for early arrivals if we need to). Spaces and facilities will be limited (note - the venue does not have shower facilities).

Where is the event?

The event will be held on private property on McAuliffe Lane, Springrange NSW 2618. The gated entrance to the event will be clearly marked, and there will be KOTH signs on Nanima Road to help guide people attending the event. McAuliffe Lane is a nice graded dirt road - avoiding burnouts, skids and roadside camping will probably help us secure the site again for next year - so please remember we are guests on someone else's property, please treat it with respect.

What is the hill like?

The hill is the tallest hill between Canberra and Yass. We have been testing the hill using a 90 metre run, at a 17 degree incline. The run for the event is steeper and will have minor terrain modification to increase the difficulty.

What is it like to hill climb?

Hill climbing is incredibly physical. Expect fatique and soreness after a couple of runs. As you can imagine, the rush is amazing.

What kind of bike can I compete with?

We are looking for period correct bikes, pre 1985. Think racers, hill climbers, stripped downs, cutdowns and bobjobs. We are focusing on British and American, but we may welcome other types if they fit the vibe.

What kind of bike can I bring to the event?

You can come on any ol bike. There will be a bike parking area for the public, but if you bring something cool and pre 85 you can park it in the display area (yes this includes Choppers ./.).

Can I compete with an EVO?

No. But hey, if its cool and pre 85 you can park it in the display area.

Can I run a two stroke?


Can an old bike make it up the Hill?

The hill wont be impossible, but successfully completing the hill will be up to the rider and the bike.

Can get a copy of the rules?

Yes. These are available on this website, but if you would like a paper or pdf copy please shoot us an email.

Can I sponsor KOTH 2019?

Hell Yes... well probably. As much as we love support, we are trying to stay true to the nature of the event. If you want to sponsor us, shoot us an email

Can I camp at the venue?

Only if you are a rider (including crew), volunteer or sponsor. Otherwise you will need to find accommodation in Murrumbateman or Canberra - both in clse proximity to the event.